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April 7th 2008 00:32
To be fakely engaged is a very reassuring thing.

Picture this: Saturday night out in a local bar with friends who were drunker than I was. Men swarming like bees around us, buzzing away as we tried to swat off people we didn’t want to talk to.

“She’s engaged!” One of my friends would say, pointing to me.
Yeah, Facebook engaged. Fakely engaged at that, as an April Fools joke. My fiance’s and my status are yet to be updated, so at the moment we are still betrothed to each other.

“Awesome! Congratulations!” the boys would say back, and then demand, “Okay, where’s the ring?”

We’d all look down at my ring-less left finger. “It’s in the store getting fitted,” I’d lie through gritted teeth. “I just got engaged this week.”

Yeah, I know. That kinda sounds suspicious isnt it, if you’d heard it and you were a boy? But trust me, vodka and numerous pots of beer can erase doubts any time.

I loved being engaged. Being tied down for once, being part of someone, even if it’s only for an April Fools prank.

A small handful of my friends in their early 20s got engaged quite early, weddings coming a year later and I wondered: is there an emerging trend of Gen Yers marrying so early?

If so, who of these newbies would start popping babies shortly? Or would they hold off as predicted by the sociologists and concentrate more on their careers, their mortgages and investments and start popping babies around their mid30s?

I asked one of my best friends, who was the last person who got married during the wedding season (I call November-March the wedding season, when the smart brides hold off til the warmer months for the celenrations).

So when’s the baby coming soon?
She looked at me with disbelief in her eyes. “Never.” And then after I stared at her further, “Ok, ok, seven to ten years or so?”

Was this the opinion all around? So it seems with all the married couples I asked. Is this really what some Gen Yers want? A white wedding so early, a mortgage and a backyard to come home to, a crying baby later on down the track?

Whatever happened to joining the others who love travelling, partying come the weekend and flitting from one job to another (basically a hand to mouth existence). Whatever happened to joining me?

They are my friends yet I somehow think they’d be missing the boat in enjoying lifea bit. The one who’d be in their late 20s with a toddler attached on one leg and a baby on the shoulder going, “I wished I didn’t marry so young. I wished I kissed so many boys before ___(fill in partner’s name here), wished I travelled to Europe with a backpack and 30 euros with my friends. Wished I didn’t have this bloody mortgage so early”

But then again maybe they are staring at me and are saying she’s the one missing the boat here. She’s the one missing on having a secure life, a great partner, an awesome career that pays the bills.

I guess the grass will always be browner on the side.
I, for now, will do what I do best. Party hard, procastinate the marriage and babies part, and stop occasionally to smell the roses.



March 14th 2008 07:24
Isn't he just so freakingly uncanny to Owen?



March 10th 2008 22:24
Ok, I will have to admit it one day. Let it be known now.
I am obsessed with the house of Gucci.
Those monogrammed GGs, festooned on a bag, keychain, tie or runners: it keeps my adrenaline pumping.
Courtesy of Gucci
The House of Gucci Logo- from

Every trip to a Gucci store, may it be the local one here in Melbourne’s Collins Street, The Rocks in Sydney, or even my fave: the one in 5th Ave in Manhattan – each trip costs me a a pure adrenaline rush. A rush that forces me to leave with a Gucci bag and a credit card that has taken an absolute beating.

How did this eventuate, you may say?
Well, maybe we should blame the rap stars after all.

When I was eighteen, a broke university student on the verge of finding her own style, Paris Hilton emerged into the scene, relatively unknown outside the US, when she was just moving her bags from Manhattan to a shared mansion in Los Angeles with her sister Nicky.

I believe there maybe a Gucci bag in one of their photo ops, and I was equally fascinated with the bag as I was with this blonde bimbo and her lifestyle then. Then there were the rap stars, obsessed with singing about Gucci and wearing Gucci in such a vulgar way. Who would wear Gucci monogram outfits from top to bottom? Eve, Snoop, Ludacris – can the list go on even further?

Dirty ghetto music singing the praises of a luxurious brand?
The Ghetto does Gucci Prom

My first bag was a beautiful brown mini speedy, bought with my best friend Sarah whilst trawling the second hand luxury shops of Hawthorn. It cost me $300.

From there, it escalated into Ebay purchases, or scrimping so hard for a proper Gucci store purchase or even begging my godparents to buy me one. These days, all I have to do is quote a style number or describe the bag in great detail and my godparents will just hand it to me, with the agreement of course that I need to pop by and visit them year after year overseas. I couldn’t have asked for a better agreement.

I’ve flirted with the other brands: Chanel, Fendi, Prada and Coach. An ex boyfriend once bought me a full Coach wallet and bag set, my godparents one of the ever first Fendi Spy bags out there (before it got infiltrated by the fakes market), and I even once found a beautiful Chanel bag from an Op shop.

But there’s something about Gucci that I obsess over, something about the GG logo that has my heart pumping, that I associate with old world luxury and a brand that can never age.

Could I ever stop being Gucci-whipped? Only time will tell.
The essential Party Pack
Gucci does the Party Pack



February 12th 2008 04:50

Cupid Valentine's Day
Assault with a weapon

[ Click here to read more ]

As you know, I spent the most crucial years of my life out of my mind. I was drunk, stoned, speeding, bombed or experiencing drug induced psychosis...sounds fun eh?!

You know, I always felt that I would never be able to dance or talk to other people at parties and in clubs unless I was smashed. I never thought I could be funny or charming unless I was blind drunk

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When to let go..

January 25th 2007 01:19
We are living in a scary society ladies and gents. I am the parent of an eight year old daughter, and I am petrified of letting her out of my sight.

I know I have friends that think Im a freak, but when is it ok to let our kids go places on their own, to trust they wont be abducted, raped, etc? We are living in a world full of sick individuals, predators

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Sexual abuse effects or homosexuality??

January 13th 2007 01:28
I often read or hear about the after effects of sexual abuse. Its a sensitive issue and with good reaon.
I have known survivors to realise in their adulthood that they are indeed gay or bisexual. After much discussion with my friends, it is hard to know whether these people are experiencing the after effects or not.

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Parental attachment..ahuh..sure it is.

October 23rd 2006 06:42
So I watched 60 minutes last night regarding a 'new' theory that newage families seem to be adopting into their homes, called 'Parental attachment'. Far out ladies and gentleman. Talk about robbing children of their independance and smothering them to death!
These mothers believe in no dummies, bottles, cots or bouncers. They do not send their children to school to have them educated, rather they keep them at home and educate them themselves.
The breastfeed their children until theyre atleast five years old (lovely memories for the children

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Voyeurism or plain curiosity?

October 18th 2006 22:56
I had a lecture this week in Literature about the Penal Settlement, written by Kafka.
This is a most disturbing and morbid story of one mans torture by a machine that is pretty much being sold by an officer. There are people standing around witnessing a demonstration of how the torture machine works. It is most gruesome and I am reluctant to go into much further detail.

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Societal obligation

October 12th 2006 00:04
I have pondered this topic many a time.
We live in a society where we are pretty much brain washed into being slaves. I mean, it starts when we are young. I was raised with a strong work ethic..I come from a family that believe in working your guts out in a job youre not really happy in, just for the money. it doesnt matter what you do or where you do it, how you feel about it or how youre treated, as long as you work bloody hard and make good money, no matter what. I have watched people slave their guts out while their spirit dwindles away.
I wonder how many people actually work in jobs they enjoy and are passionate about? This observation doesnt stop with my family, it is everywhere, our world is riddled with it

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