Hello All, and welcome to Eat Drink Snort, my blog of inevitable death but fun, music and drunkeness along the way.  Hope y'all enjoy it!

This is going to be my haven for rampant debaucher from a drunken musicians perspective.  My name is Jay and I'm a guitarist at heart, but on the outside I'm pretty much a drunken irishman.  I'm from NYC and have a long history of getting kicked out of bars.

In my spare time, when I'm not writing this blog or poorly designing websites, I play gigs around NYC and also have a desk job (which I won't divulge on this point in time).  I wish to remain mostly anonymous during my tenure as a blogger because I feel nothing very beneficial can come from my rantings (if they were to be made public).

So here goes nothing.  I hope you enjoy my blog and my website.  If you do, or don't, drop me a line.

Recently I have been asked by my friends, students (I teach guitar on the side) to give them some tips for practicing guitar while during their spare time.  I often referred students to books and maybe a lesson plan that I give them.  Only recently have I realized that, with the advent of these things called computers, that the internet has plenty more usefulness for conveying most information than books due.  So I took to some investigating and found out that online guitar lessons are actually pretty prevalent, especially on youtube and whatnot.  I would, however, prefer my students to go about lessons in a more structured way.  So after doing some googling I found that the good people (whom I've reached out to to ask some questions and were very gracious) at shredkick (http://www.shredkick.com) put together a review and summarizing of various programs for online guitar training and lesson plans, and I've since referred them to a few of my students.

The students all have come back with positive reactions to the site and the lessons within it.  I hope somebody out in internet land might find them useful also.  Taking into account the fact that information is so readily available, it can sometime be hard to put it all together in a reasonable and logical way, and SK's online lessons page (http://shredkick.com/online-lessons). seems to do that pretty well.

One final note is that they USED TO have a real life guitar instructor business, but they said they've had to close up shop because it was too time consuming and the owners all have too much on their plate.  I told them to send the students my way!  Ha, we will see.  I don't know if they were too keen on the idea considering I had just known them for a total of 2 e-mails.  They also had a specific bass lessons page which should be good for aspiring bass players. 

Side note, follow them on facebook and twitter and google+ and yada yada yada.



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